Clark S 

CLARK S is a young Artist, based in Switzerland, Zurich.

“The voice is an instrument to me, and it’s the most honest one. So if it wasn’t for writing my own songs and telling my story, I would’nt have chosen music to be the thing I wanna do in life. Being inspired by the songwriting of Matt Corby or John Mayer, and growing up to Justin Timberlake's productions gave me the energy to do my own thing out of it.”

CLARK's goal is to take root internationally with his music. For that reason he played in London for the first time in January 2020. The swiss singer grew up on the countryside in a musicians family and started to play the drums when he was 6 years old. As a teenager he found his passion in guitar playing and songwriting which brought a lot of personality into his music. The singer started doing solo performances around Switzerland and also had been doing street music. In summer 2018 Clark decided to move to Zurich to focus on music. This was a lifechanging moment and also the beginning of his career as a musician. Last year he could play some full band shows on some festival- and clubstages. Beside playing live CLARK S has a big passion for songwriting as he writes most of his music by himself.

As an Independent Artist he released his Début Single «Blue Escape» which made it to several radio stations in Switzerland. Two months later he released his second single “Memories”. Meanwhile the artist is working on an EP.